Yesterday at 12:50 pm, I found out I made the semifinals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest. The top 50. Of the original 5000. Wow.

E and I did a happy dance. I was still in shock. I’m slow to process things. It takes me a few hours to really realize what happened.

I called my parents to share the good news. They were super stoked. Me too.

I’m now the only entry left in fantasy. Wow. I had several amazing fantasy writers with me yesterday in the quarterfinals.

So now the entire manuscript gets read by Penguin editors. They pick the top 3 in late May. And then Amazon voting commences to pick the winner.

I want to say a huge thanks to my blog friends and my personal friends and my family who took the time to read my excerpt and leave a review. It meant so much to me to read your reviews and feel your support. You guys are the best! 1 million thank yous. :)