One of my favorite bloggers, August McLaughlin posted a great post on mindful driving a few months ago.

Today, I learned that Tonianne, a lovely, generous woman (who is both a Facebook friend and former co-worker), was run down by a distracted driver. Tonianne’s mom (Toni) has been blogging about the horrible, life-shattering repercussions of a distracted driver and her daughter’s very very long road to recovery.

According to her blog, “A man lost control of his pick-up truck, when he dropped his cell phone and took his eyes off the road. He hit her full force, knocked her up in the air and she landed on her head on the hood, and then bounced onto the grass.”

Tonianne’s injuries included: “an open book broken pelvis, two broken hips, a fractured skull, traumatic brain injury, with swelling and bleeding of the brain, a severely broken left arm in 3 places, and a broken foot. She also sustained a lacerated kidney and urethra.”

If you have a moment, please stop by her mom’s blog and read about what this family has been going through. If you can show some blog love, I’m sure she’d appreciate it. And if you’d like to make a donation to help cover the substantial costs of her recovery and her bills while she is unable to work, you can make a donation via Paypal or credit card.

This distracted driver has shattered so many lives. Over a cell phone. A cell phone. A human life nearly lost. Her family lives’ (mom, husband, daughter, siblings, and friends) are severely wounded by this driver’s moment of carelessness. I can’t imagine a worse hurt than a four-year-old girl not understanding why Mommy can’t tuck her in at night.

That is the cost of distracted driving.