A big thank you to EllaDee for the Sisterhood of The World Blogger Award!

After almost three years of blogging, I think I’ve told you far too much about myself so I’m going to skip the ten questions and go straight to the nominations to fellow bloggers that make me feel a part of their sisterhood. :)

I  want to thank you for being my top five commenters in 2012. You give me a feeling of family in cyberspace. :)

Feel free to give onward of just accept. No pressure. Just me sending a hug to each of you. :)


A huge thanks to Naomi Baltuck, J. Keller Ford, and The Inner Wild Kat for nominating me for the Blog of 2012 Award. That makes every post I’ve labored over feel completely worth it. Thanks so very much!

I would like to nominate the following blogs for bringing a smile to my lips, a laugh to my heart, and making the day so much easier to get through. Your posts lighten my mood and make whatever writing drama I am facing so much easier to face:

  • Cat Forsley–the most positive person and best cheerleader I’ve ever had on my team.
  • CheeseCake Summer–Your New Years post had me intrigued and imagining all the possibilities.
  • Susie Lindau–For adventures that get me out of my head and out into the world.
  • Winsomebella–For posts that touch my heart and ground my mind.
  • Sue DreamWalker–You make me pause to consider the world.
  • Cha–You can’t look at her art and not feel better.

You can pass these along or just enjoy them. It’s my way of letting you know how much I love your blogs. :)


Thank you to Victoria-Writes for nominating me for the Liebster Award!I got this award a while back in a different form so I’m going to play with the rules and post 3 facts about me, 3 nominees and answers to every 3rd question asked of me.

Facts about Me:

1. I can read maps but I have trouble with left and right. I can navigate you anywhere, just don’t tell me to turn right or we’re in trouble.

2. Math soothes me. When I’m stressed, I like to create break-even analyses or do algebra. It clears my head.

3. I have two middle names because I wanted them.


3. Have you ever written an ex into one of your novels/stories?

Yup. Everyone and everything filters into my novels. Good and bad.

6. Paris or New York?

I lived in New York for 8 years. So Paris. I’ve only been there a couple times. I prefer fresh to familiar.

9. What made you choose the genre/category you write now?

I didn’t. I got a story concept and characters and I wrote it. Later I tried to figure out what it was. Seems I have a tendency to write cross-genre books. Go figure. ;)

Nominees: (You can pass this along or just enjoy–the rules are here on Victoria’s blog)