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Agent-Author Day at Backspace–What I Learned

I got a good night’s rest and starting working on revisions…but I wanted to recap more from the Agent-Author Day at  the Backspace Writer’s Conference. The “Query Letters That Work” panel did a great job covering what genres they accept … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Agent Author Day at Backspace

Today was the Agent Author Seminar of the Backspace conference. I’m pretty burnt out so I’ll just share the highlights… QUERY TIPS Less is more–shorter queries are better Query style should match project style If make comparisons to other books, … Continue reading

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Backspace Conference Begins

This morning, a 3 day extravaganza–The Backspace Writer’s Conference and Author Agent Seminar begins. Last November, I went to the 2-day event held by Backspace, and it was one of the best experiences. I accomplished more in the past six months … Continue reading

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Dream a Little Dream

I was sitting here thinking, what are my dreams for this week. To do well at the conference and to catch an agent’s interest. To meet another writer or five and click so we can have conversations about writing. Of … Continue reading

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Have you ever noticed how your body has a way of telling you when you’ve taken on too much? For me, I tend to get sick or have an old injury suddenly flare up. The past few days have been … Continue reading

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The Price of Love

So I’m on the elliptical enjoying a great workout and this song comes on my iPod. It’s playing a genius mix and so I had no idea what song was playing until I looked. Anyway, it was the genius mix … Continue reading

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Are you the protagonist or antagonist?

As I develop characters and decide on who is the protagonist and antagonist in my story, I realize real life is not nearly that simple. Sure in my life story I’m the protagonist. But in someone else’s story, I may … Continue reading

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The Road Not Traveled…until now

I recently took the plunge and joined Facebook. I was skeptical at first. I hate unfamiliar things. But I tried it out and I have to admit…I think it’s a great tool. You get to build a base of contacts … Continue reading

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