Online Writing Class–Learning by Doing

I’m starting my third week in Essentials to Mystery Writing (Writer’s Digest University class) and am enjoying it immensely. Normally, I can read a book or a manual and learn how to do things, but with writing, the feedback is really a key component.

Plus,  you immediately apply what you learned in your readings when you do your homework assignment. More to the point, the structure of the course gives useful feedback from the teacher and your classmates. The best use of a couple hundred dollars in a long time.

The pace is just right for me. I have from Wed-Sunday to get my homework done and handed in and then from Sunday-Tuesday I can participate in critique sessions with my classmates. The readings are usually 20-30 pages at most (from the textbook) and a few pages on online lecture notes to read. Very manageable with a full-time day job and a couple of novels being worked on.

My classmates are from all over the U.S. too so it’s cool to meet people from different places and connect online.

All in all a great use of my time and money.

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3 Responses to Online Writing Class–Learning by Doing

  1. Lucas says:

    That sounds enjoyable – are there by chance any international students added to the melange?

  2. Thanks so much! Glad you enjoy it. 🙂

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