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Turkey Talk

Without giving much away…a wild turkey becomes a part of the family in my newest novel. LOL. I know. Weirdness. But I know zero about turkeys except how to stuff a Butterball on Thanksgiving. Anyway, I’m doing turkey research trying … Continue reading

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Embarrassed by Automatic Flush Toilets

My office has automatic flush toilets. I pee roughly 7-8 times a day there. Then I come home to my manual flush toilet and use it 2-5 times. Sometimes, I got to the movies and it’s hit or miss as … Continue reading

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Why I hate summertime in NYC

I do not like being overheated. Let me rephrase. I absolutely hate being hot. For some reason I sweat mostly via my head and face and back. Gross. Sweat drips from my eyebrows into my eyes and blinds me. Like … Continue reading

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Anger As Fuel For Your Writing

Have you ever had to deal with absolute jerks and felt your neck muscles locking up? That was yesterday. I have a lot going on-planning a move, novel writing, doctor appointments, physical therapy, MRI, blogging, preparing for conferences, sending in … Continue reading

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Night of the Living Deed–book review

Today I had a bunch of appointments, which meant lots of waiting…and I got to finish E.J. Copperman’s Night of the Living Deed! This is the first book in “a haunted guesthouse mystery” series. People, I read this book in … Continue reading

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MWA Library Series:Chick Lit Mysteries

Last night, I attended the MWA Library Series: Chick Lit Mysteries presentation: Laugh of I’ll Use My Stiletto to Kill You at the mid-Manhattan Library. The panel was well moderated by Maggie Barbieri and the panelists shared their thoughts and … Continue reading

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Secondhand Spirits–a review

I just finished the novel, Secondhand Spirits, by Juliet Blackwell, which is described as a witchcraft mystery.  It was a fun read with a great twist ending involving murder and a missing child. The protagonist, Lily Ivory, has been an … Continue reading

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Do You Tui-na?

I was skimming through Time Out New York for an inexpensive massage in the city. Luckily, as a mild horder, I kept the “spa issue” from the winter. And lo and behold there is a 60$ 60 minute massage at … Continue reading

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