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Mental Health Days

Do you ever feel tuckered out? You don’t have to be doing alot. Or you could just be coming off oodles of stress. But I feel like I’ve been burning my candle at both ends for months. So I am … Continue reading

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Jean Georges–A painful lesson in how not to treat your customers

Bottom Line: This is definitely one of those over-talked about and underwhelming places. If you are only going to drop 3 digits at a restaurant in NYC–skip this one. The Maitre D’ reservation screw up: I walk in and the … Continue reading

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Why European Men Can Work a Handbag

Think about how many times you see some dejected guy trudging along carrying his girl’s handbag. They do the walk of shame without realizing it. But they feel ridiculous and they reek of ridiculous. I can remember as a kid … Continue reading

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The Rule of Right

Why is the rule of right so fucking hard to follow? Especially in large crowded cities or own trafficky highways. I mean the concept is so simple. Stay to the right. Allow others to pass on left or those going … Continue reading

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Russian Tea Room or Why Restaurant Week Rocks

There are certain quintessential New York experiences that make all the others almost bearable. Fine dining, musicals, and performances are at the top of my list. So restaurant week in NYC has been going on this week. Tonight was dinner … Continue reading

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Why can’t I relax in New York

Because years of living here have conditioned me to always be on guard. To be super careful and expect other people to try to harm me–purposefully or by their own stupidity. Like the skateboarders flying off the wall and onto … Continue reading

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Enjoy What You Do

So I have been hard at work for the past month preparing to enter my paranormal romance into the Brenda Novak Mentorship Contest. I received beta reader feedback. I made edits. I proofed it. I reproofed it. Hell, I edited … Continue reading

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The Ties that Bind

I’ve been doing so much thinking lately. And despite all the job turmoil and uncertainty about my future, I feel tremendously grounded. Why? I’ve got amazing pillars supporting my world. My parents love me more than I can begin to … Continue reading

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