A Day at the Beach

This weekend, OL and I spent a few hours at the beach, which meant shell collecting, rock grabbing, and several yelps from me when something grazed my leg in the water. It was gorgeous in Old Saybrook, my CT beachtown of choice. I got to tell OL all my stories from summers past there. He pretended to care. 😛

We swam and barely encountered a jelly fish. Thank goodness. The water was cool and refreshing.

Then we headed to Johnny Ad’s for dinner–the best fried seafood platter. OMG. Tender scallops, delectable clam strips. Fish and Shrimp. Getting hungry thinking about it…

Then onto Westbrook for a sunset…

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6 Responses to A Day at the Beach

  1. berry says:

    I think the ocean is so relaxing. Sunset delightful. Food sounds yummy. I like johnny ads too. But it is so fattening. Need to run the beach after that.

  2. Kelly says:

    Hey, all this time I didn’t know you went to Old Saybrook. My grand parents still live there near the highschool. I grew up riding my bike all over there during the summers. Love the pictures, I miss it so much. Johnny Ads has the BEST hot lobster rolls ever!!

    • It’s my favorite CT getaway. 🙂 What a small world! Great town. It’s a beautiful place. Johnny Ads–never had a bad meal there. So delish! Have to try the lobster roll. 🙂

  3. aviewfromme says:

    Happened by your blog from your Old Saybrook tag. That’s our favorite beach in CT, I chased a poor little crab in the water to get his picture. And Johnny Ad’s our favorite for seafood down there. Their scallops are the sweetest I’ve ever tasted. My husband loves their whole belly clams, never mind the strips lol.

    • I love all the creatures living in the sea there. Except for the jellyfish, though they have been kind enough to leave me alone. 🙂 Johnny Ad’s is the best. Lenny and Joe’s fishtale rocks, but has such long waits.

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