Vegas Baby!

Yesterday was a whirlwind drive to Las Vegas from San Diego. We’re staying at the Encore. OMG. How does Steve Wynn keep topping himself? Our room is a gorgeous suite with a panoramic view.

We checked in and got the lay of the land. There’s a great walkway to the Wynn–all indoors. The self parking has music playing. The hotel–AMAZING. We didn’t want to leave it.

Today, we ventured to Red Rock Canyon. Tonight, we dined at Okada on delicious Japanese cuisine beside waterfalls before we went to see Ka (which rocked). Though Ka is at MGM Grand, which didn’t see fit to separate ticket buyers from will call. A rather obnoxious thing to do and reminded me of being treated like cattle at the airport in NY.

Sadly, there are no pics to upload yet because they are all on my camera and I forgot to bring the cable to link to my laptop. That isn’t my worst forgetting. I forgot my camera battery charger and was forced to go shopping for a universal charger in San Diego. Fry’s–don’t even get me started on what pure hell that store is. Though they did have my charger.

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