Easy A–A must see

So I was like oh no another teen movie when I first saw the previews. BUT OL loved the lead actress’s slight speech impediment and wanted to see it. As I caught a few more commercials for it, I decided it might be better than most teen movies.

OMG, I was so right! Emma Stone is phenomenal. Easy A is worth a trip to the movie theater. The parents were great supporting characters. Quirky and sarcastic they were the perfect foil for the main character, Olive Pendergast.

Seriously, if you are going to see one teen movie this fall, this is it. Total bang for your buck thing.

Amanda Byrnes rocks as the bible-thumping ringleader of the group that Olive has to deal with after word spreads about her “exploits.” Lisa Kudrow is great as the guidance counselor from hell.

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4 Responses to Easy A–A must see

  1. berry says:

    Really? I saw the previews and thought dumb movie. Maybe I will see it on hbo. You gave it great review. Maybe worth it after all.

    • It was a pretty smart comedy. A cut above the rest. The cast was amazing. It’s nice to see actors act instead of playing themselves or the same role over and over again. Thomas Hayden Church was great as Olive’s favorite teacher. I guess what I loved best is that they made me believe they existed and I got a break from my daily life as they sucked me into theirs. 🙂

  2. Paige Shelton says:

    You convinced me. I’ve been pondering it because I’ve heard such good things. The cast is intriguing. Thanks for the recommend.


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