There’s A Demon in my phone

Yesterday, I spent 2 hours of my day wasted on tech problems because there was a demon in my phone. A what? A ghost, a demon, an evil spirit. A glitch. Whatever. Something nasty took control of my Droid Incredible.

It started with the navigation panel shutting down when I was 10 minutes into a drive and depending on it. Then it would shut the phone down and get into a cycle of rebooting. I couldn’t stop it. Psycho phone.

Before that it deleted my visual voicemail so I had no idea I had voicemails for a month. 43 of them to be exact.

Then it had trouble differentiating my location–New York and Connecticut. Sometimes it would switch between the two every 10 or so minutes while I was sitting here watching it. Insane.

The last straw? It deleted all my contacts a couple days ago. At this point. I wanted my old ENV phone back. Smartphone?! Yeah, if you mean a smart ass demon screwing with my phone.


Verizon people were super nice about it and sent me a new device. Well the refurbished device. Anyway. Setting that up today took me over an hour. I couldn’t get the email set up and my contacts were still missing and needed to be restored. So freaking annoying. I already went through all this in July when I bought my new phone. Thanks so much for the software update in August–it created a demon in my phone.

So now I have to once again reset up visual voicemail. Third time since um let’s see July.

I heard iphones were bad, but this was no picnic.

Have you had trouble with your phone? Wanted to pull your hair out? I’d love to hear your horror stories. 🙂


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4 Responses to There’s A Demon in my phone

  1. berry says:

    Ihate my phone! Never works right.

  2. Elle says:

    Hmm, I don’t hate my iphone.. just hate the horrible AT &T service which renders my phone useless most of the time , does that count??? 🙂

    • I think the iphone would be phenom if it worked you know as a phone. 🙂 Yup it counts. 🙂
      Verizon had a bunch of hiccups with mine. Not the service, but he software went apeshit. Luckily all appears to be well again.

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