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Resolutions–An annual disaster

So it’s that time of year where we all make resolutions. Some small (clean the garage), others huge (lose 100 lbs). Most of the time, we don’t succeed. Not because making resolutions is a stupid exercise in futility. No. Because … Continue reading

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Why Characters Matter From the Get Go

This is my dog, Emerson. I can tell you great stories with amazing plots about Emerson, but right now are you interested? Maybe slightly but not really. I mean he’s cute but why listen to a story about him? Why … Continue reading

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What I hate about the flu

My mouth, lips, and throat feel like the desert–parched and cracking. The sore throat from hell–seriously every swallow radiated pain into my neck and ears for 4 days. The cough goes from dry bronchi-burning to wet throat-choking. The stuffy nose … Continue reading

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Why Don’t You See What I See?

When I read this quote at the Peabody Essex Museum, it resonated with me. I snapped a pic  and filed it away. Fast forward to a few weeks later… I had to listen to a friend tell me how innocent … Continue reading

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Sick Day

So the flu has headed into bronchitis. I’m taking a sick day. Been in bed the past 2 days. Need another day of napping and watching Dallas season 12. Hope you all had an amazing holiday!

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Please Ignore Vera Dietz–Book Review

I just finished A.S. King’s book Please Ignore Vera Dietz. It broke my heart. Completely ripped it apart. And I loved it. I’m-wiping-tears-from-my-eyes-now-good read. Her writing made it impossible to put down. The prologue sucked me in with these lines: … Continue reading

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Having the Flu at Christmas Time Sucks

First off, this is not my gingerbread creation, it’s my cousin Amanda’s–she a freaking gingerbread house genius. I just took the picture. It started with being cold. Like bone-chilling-never-gonna-be-warm-again cold. Then came the extreme lethargy. By Sunday, I had a … Continue reading

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Marry Me–A movie review

Lifetime aired a new movie (a two-parter) that was a complete departure from the abused-woman-in-jeopardy movie the network is renowned for. And I LOVED it. Marry Me is a romantic comedy/modern day twist of the fairytale replete with a castle … Continue reading

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