What I hate about the flu

  1. My mouth, lips, and throat feel like the desert–parched and cracking.
  2. The sore throat from hell–seriously every swallow radiated pain into my neck and ears for 4 days.
  3. The cough goes from dry bronchi-burning to wet throat-choking.
  4. The stuffy nose makes it impossible to sleep when the fever is at its worst. And if you do happen to nod off you wake up choking on mucus.
  5. The aches and fatigue make you feel 90.
  6. The cough shakes your entire body up, leaves you breathless and praying you didn’t rupture a disk.
  7. The nose blowing makes your ear pop and snap. I do not want to be a Rice Krispy.
  8. The headache is a combo of your worst hangover+migraine.
  9. Dehydrating while drinking water. How is this possible?
  10. Losing track of time. Shit is it Wednesday? What happened to Tuesday?
  11. The long recover time. Still feel like crap. 😦
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2 Responses to What I hate about the flu

  1. Lucas says:

    How awful! For me the worst parts are the painful body aches and the state of being freezing even when bundled up in bed under massive blankets. I hope that you feel better very soon.

    • Thanks. The flu sucks but over the holidays. It’s like the worst ever. I felt like I ruined the holidays for my family. Starting to feel vaguely human today. Hoping to stop being a mucus machine soon.

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