Update on NYE Resolutions

Resolution #1: Lose 35 lbs in 2011 and keep it off.

Progress: Dropped 1 more lb.

Resolution #2: Finish drafting my second novel by May 2011.

Plan: Finish manuscript in March and begin revising in April because my teacher has offered to look at it for me.

Resolution #3: Send out queries until someone falls in love with my YA novel.

Progress: Sent out batch of queries this week with new revised manuscript ready to go.

Resolution #4: Meditate and play with Emerson more.

Progress: Meditate before bed most nights. Snuggle with and petting Emerson. Haven’t been playing with him enough.

Resolution #5: Speak my mind  when asked.

Progress: Disagreed with two people. Politely. And said No when I didn’t want to do something.


How are you going on yours? If you had a rough start, Chinese New Year is coming up, so get focused because you get a do-over!

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2 Responses to Update on NYE Resolutions

  1. berry says:

    I wad going to be nicer but that didn’t happen. Too many people making me mad. So much for that one. Exercise less . Doing more. Probably drop dead. But then won’t have to worry about keeping any resolutions. What’s the point. You are who you are.

    • For me, life is all about choices. Believing I can change and shape my life. If I couldn’t it would be hard to get up everyday. I believe you are who you choose to be. Change is always possible. Hardly ever easy. But doable with enough effort.

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