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Music Break

Just have to share this song…I’ve been revising to it…

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The Importance of Powering Through That Bad Book

Recently, I picked up a book that had a gorgeous cover, intriguing back cover story, and made the NYT Bestseller list. I’d heard the author speak and was interested in seeing her work. But I have to confess, I put … Continue reading

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Hana Japanese Steakhouse–Restaurant Review

Last week (before I got sick), I went to a lovely Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi restaurant in Connecticut, Hana. I love the website. The sliding doors amuse the heck out of me. The fact that I could make a reservation … Continue reading

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Behind Schedule…

Do you ever feel like you just can’t keep up with everything in your life?  I’m so behind in the blogs I follow, Facebook and Twitter, I feel like I’ll never catch up. Being sick only compounds the problem. Now … Continue reading

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Home Sick

Is there anything worse than being stuck at home sick in the springtime? Missing Edgar week sucks. Chronic nausea and feeling 90 just make it worse. Thn there’s the gurgly moans issuing from my stomach. And the burning inside my … Continue reading

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Edgars Week in NYC

I planned to be in New York April 24th for the Edgars week. Mystery Writers of America is sponsoring several events leading up to the Edgar awards on Thursday night. Unfortunately, I came down with a wicked stomach virus Sunday … Continue reading

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Rogers Orchard

                   There are few places that are indelibly imprinted on my childhood like Rogers Orchard in Southington, Connecticut. In the springtime, I remember feeding the ducks in their pond. In the fall, picking … Continue reading

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MacSpeech Dictate Software or How I Wrote This Blog Post

Back in high school, I pulled some muscles in my neck and  shoulder. And I got these lovely things called muscle knots.  They are like marbles inside the muscles. When they go active, they mess with the nerves in my … Continue reading

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