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The Absurd and The Uncanny

Yesterday Mom and I were running errands. Question: Would you pay money for these flowers? Even at the dollar store?     I wouldn’t. They look knocking-on-death’s-door ill.     How was your Memorial Day weekend? I had back-to-back picnics … Continue reading

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Goodbye Salem!

My last full day in Salem, I got up early (okay 9 a.m.) and had breakfast at the Fountain Place on Essex Street. Nice breakfasts, kitschy atmosphere, and a great price. Eggs, bacon, potatoes, English muffin, coffee for under $10 … Continue reading

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I <3 PEM

I started my afternoon with a stroll around Salem Commons. Then I headed over to the PEM (Peabody Essex Museum). Every time I visit PEM, it reminds me of what I love about museums. Amazing exhibits, room to move around … Continue reading

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Another Day in Blissful Salem

Yesterday I swam 18 laps in the hotel’s heated indoor pool. Swam until muscles refused to swim anymore. It was super relaxing. And my first swim of 2011. On my way to bfast Wednesday, I stopped to smell the lilacs. … Continue reading

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Greetings from Salem

Monday afternoon, I checked into the Salem Waterfront Hotel and Marina. I love my room. It’s spacious. Lovely down comforter beds. Clean and I have the Disney channel. More modern than the Hawthorne Hotel. Only downside is no room service. … Continue reading

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Merlin–Another Guilty Pleasure

Confession time. Since Vampires Diaries wrapped up, I’ve been at a loss for my before bed television viewing. Something to relax me and yet entertain me. Besides Disney. Then I remembered I downloaded Merlin season 3 to my Itunes. Arthurian … Continue reading

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How to Plan an International Trip

Find someone who can travel with you. This is important because the troll in me comes out during travel. Seriously, my personality has been known to disintegrate. Multiple times. This person is your buddy for the entire trip. Choose wisely. … Continue reading

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Water for Elephants–Movie Review

As we walked out, Lindsay said, “I feel like I’ve been traumatized.” Every freaking commercial we saw plugged this movie as a romance. But there were 10 minutes of romance in the 120-minute film. Total bait-and-switch technique. Don’t promise me … Continue reading

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