Things That Make Me Laugh

Check out the items on aisle 2 of Walsh’s IGA grocery store and tell me which doesn’t fit…

  • cold cereal
  • hot cereal
  • prepared food
  • fish
  • pasta sauce
  • macaroni
Every time, I walk by this sign I giggle. Imagining ginormous cuts of Salmon and Tuna next to the Quaker Oats.
Hand-to-God, I saw this posted while waiting at the Stratford station for the metro north train to NYC. Someone is willing to Rent their Husband out for household chores. We are facing tough economic times. 🙂
How pissed Emerson gets every night when I tell him to move onto his side of the bed. He prefers mine.  And he sighs and refuses to get up. It’s a project to get him to let me into bed.







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2 Responses to Things That Make Me Laugh

  1. berry says:

    That is very funny. You should send to leno. You always have amazing blogs.

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