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Birthday Traditions

  Every year, I have specific things I do around my birthday. Some happened once and then evolved into my personal traditions. I take stock in my life. Yeah that’s a heavy one. This includes thinking of friends and family … Continue reading

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It’s Snowed in October in CT

I can’t believe it snowed last night. We never got around to fall here in CT. We had this long-winded Indian summer that flared through all of September and most of October. Last week, it started dropping into the 60s … Continue reading

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Book Review–Self Editing for Fiction Writers

I started reading this after my return from Asia. Wanted to work on my self-editing abilities because they always can use more honing. Renni Browne and Dave King have a great approach to self-editing and divide the book into 12 … Continue reading

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Amici’s–Restaurant Review

Linds, John and I went to Amici’s Italian Grill in Middletown last week. One of my best CT dinners to date. We started with drinks.  I had my standard rum and diet coke. Linds got the Almond Joy Martini. It’s her … Continue reading

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50/50 Movie Review

A must see movie of 2011. It proves how humor can help you through the bleakest of situations. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is brilliant as the 27-year-old who goes to the doctor for a back ache and finds out he has a … Continue reading

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Why Am I Going to the Backspace Agent Author Seminar?

Two days of panel discussions and small-group workshops with ONLY  literary agents on the program! Attendance limited to 100 authors. Amazing group of professional and talented aspiring authors. Down-to-earth published authors who take the time to advise newbies. Feedback from … Continue reading

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Update on New Year’s Resolutions

Time to check in on those pesky resolutions I made January 1.  It’s been 10 months almost… Resolution #1: Lose 35 lbs in 2011 and keep it off. Progress: Lost 22 lbs total and then gained four back in September. … Continue reading

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8 Things I Learned While Traveling in Asia

It is completely possible and very painful to get a blister on top of a blister For international travel, Cathay Pacific is luxury squared in the sky; Continental Airlines is ghetto unfabulous Chinese airlines are hell on the ground, but decent … Continue reading

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