8 Things I Learned While Traveling in Asia

  1. It is completely possible and very painful to get a blister on top of a blister
  2. For international travel, Cathay Pacific is luxury squared in the sky; Continental Airlines is ghetto unfabulous
  3. Chinese airlines are hell on the ground, but decent after takeoff
  4. My ambitious planning is almost always derailed. Pick 1-2 things a day to accomplish and maybe you might succeed
  5. Dehydration sucks. Gatorade helps
  6. Trip Advisor has a 95% success rate. But even God can’t help you when you check into one of their 5% failures
  7. Getting sick on vacay stinks. Never drink from your travel companion’s water bottle. Even at the Great Wall when you run out of water
  8. Enjoy the little successes throughout the trip, because inevitably a big tsunami of badness is coming your way. Hold onto your travel buddy and ride it out
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6 Responses to 8 Things I Learned While Traveling in Asia

  1. Nick says:

    great advice! LOL
    I’ll keep it in mind when I’m travelling next time 🙂

  2. stacey says:

    Oww to the blisters and ‘agreed’ to trip advisor!

    • I took pictures to document the blistering. My travel buddy thought it was funny, but It hurt the first couple of days each one popped up. They’ve healed up nicely now.
      Trip Advisor reviews killed me in Beijing. Users repeatedly said a hotel was clean and it was crackhouse filthy.

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