Hierarchy of Unhappiness

What if life is levels of unhappiness filled with smatterings of joy?

What if the unhappiness we all run from is our natural state and the fleeing happiness an aberration?

I’m thinking Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs here. Channeling my memories of college psychology. Maslow’s hierarchy meant that every time a need is met, a higher need then appears in front of us, waiting to be fulfilled. This progresses from physiological to safety to social to esteem to self actualization needs.

I’m proposing that unhappiness is much the same. We have a base level of unhappiness. But once we motivate and find a way to achieve happiness it is short-lived.

The next level of unhappiness drops onto us. And we are back in the pit. The self doubt. The hopelessness. The smoldering inaction.

Until the unhappiness reaches unacceptable levels. We act to escape it. This action is usually followed by a brief period of respite. Of happiness.

And then then we reach the next level of unhappiness.

What if life is unhappiness punctuated by feeling good? What if we are meant to trudge through existence, toiling away for a glimpse of something better only to find it isn’t?

Have you ever lived out a dream only to wish you hadn’t? Finding that the dreaming was far better than the reality. And once lost, the vacuum breeds grayness.

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2 Responses to Hierarchy of Unhappiness

  1. berry says:

    Just taught maslow in workplace. Self actualization is top of pyramid. Great ideas.

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