Life is not a meritocracy.

I didn’t deserve a trip to Italy this year. I found a way to make it happen, but I didn’t deserve it.

And the ten years of back-breaking-down agony, yeah, I really didn’t deserve that either.

We like to think that things happen for a reason and that we are the reason.

But I don’t agree.

Life is not a meritocracy.

Sometimes things just happen to you. And then it’s on you to make something of it.

We are not all rewarded when we are kind or gracious and we are not all punished when we are cruel or devious.

That isn’t how things work. So next time you try to rationalize how much you deserve something over someone else, recognize it’s a combination of hard work, constant diligence, and dumb luck.

My friend didn’t deserve to die of cancer at 21 nor did my grandfather deserve to live until his 80s.

Life is not a meritocracy.

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  1. Marc Schuster says:

    So true! We all live under the illusion that we’ve earned all we have, but looking at my own life, I can say it’s all, for the most part, luck.

  2. Lauren says:

    Thank you for this post. It really resonated with me. : )

  3. berry says:

    Did u want grandfathers to die sooner. Life not fair. Never was never will be.

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