That was me circa 2009–back when I lived on Wall Street. It’s funny because I swore I saw her last week in New York. The ghost of who I’d been.

And I laughed at her. Because she was so pretentious. Caught up in owning the best of things. Eating at the best restaurants. Buying the nicest Burberry bags. At living the best life. Somehow that always translated into material possessions.

Walking around the city last week, I saw so many people who were like her. And I realized how I used to be. Who I am no longer. It was an eye-piercing moment.

I apologized to Ant for all the times I was obnoxious. He laughed. Then I asked him, “How did you put up with me?”

He paused and thought about it. “Because I knew that wasn’t the core of who you were.”

Which is probably the nicest compliment he could ever give me. We’ve know each other decades and grown up, apart, and back together through the years. We’ve become the people we needed each other to be.

I’m very lucky to still have him in my life. Because that is a rarity. Someone who sticks with you as you evolve away from the person they love and into someone they tolerate to get glimpses of the one they love.