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What Writers Can Learn From The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Most writers make the mistake of introducing too many characters or not making clear who the main character is. The Hobbit is an excellent example of how to do this properly. We open with Bilbo Baggins. We meet his nephew … Continue reading

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My Life In Books

Jenna Bennett’s blog post on her life in books made me want to join in. It’s fun to answer these questions based on titles you read in 2012 and try not to repeat any titles. Describe yourself: Fortune’s Hero (Jenna … Continue reading

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What To Do After A Smuck Hits a Pole and Takes Out Your Electricity During a Snowstorm

1. Keep Calm but assume the worst (that power is off indefinitely) 2. Don’t believe the estimated fix time on the website. It will only upset you more when it’s pushed back repeatedly. 3. Even if it’s still light out … Continue reading

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18 Things and My Bucket List

  I stopped over Jamie Ayres’ blog to read about her publishing journey and her soon to be released book 18 Things. Her recent post, What Are You’re 18 Things,  got me thinking about my bucket list. And how many things … Continue reading

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Holiday Moments With Grandma H

Journey back with me to Christmas Day. A day of Grandma H moments… Grandma H and I sit side by side eating ham at dinner. It was a buffet-style dinner so everyone had to grab their own utensils. She has … Continue reading

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Silver Linings Playbook: Movie Review

Silver Linings Playbook was an unexpected pleasure. My mom really wanted to see it. I was interested, but not nearly as motivated as her. But we went. And I LOVED it. Bradley Cooper turned out one of his best performances … Continue reading

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Self-publishing and a Free E-book

Since Monday’s post was epically informative, I’ll link back to it today. If you want to learn about self-publishing from a multi-published NYT Bestseller, check out my Q&A with Jenna Bennett. Jenna’s first book in The Cuttthroat Business Mysteries series, A … Continue reading

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Jenna Bennett: 10 Questions on Self Publishing and Traditional Publishing

Today, the fabulous and prolific Jenna Bennett has graciously agreed to answer all my questions on publishing. Jenna publishes the New York Times Bestselling Do-It Yourself Home Renovation Mystery series with Penguin under Jennie Bentley, publishes a futuristic romance  series with Entangled and … Continue reading

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