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What’s Happening with my Novel Part II

Right now, I feel like a juggler of fire and a lion tamer all rolled into one. When you indie publish, there are so many pieces to a very enormous project. Excel spreadsheets are my new best friend. Createspace has … Continue reading

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My Friend’s One Act Play: The Commitment Cure

Sometimes your friends do something so kick ass and so fearless you have to brag about it… This is one of those times. One of my oldest and dearest friends, Anthony Dvarskas, has a one act play, The Commitment Cure, … Continue reading

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Beauty of A Woman BlogFest: Lessons from Grandma H

This week there will be a Thursday post instead of a Friday post because I am participating in August McLaughlin’s amazing Beauty of a Woman BlogFest tour. Today, I’d like to share some life lessons from a woman who inspires me, … Continue reading

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Just Breathe

  Look up     Look down Look out Look in     Just breathe. Been a stressful few days here. Asthma attacking. So much seems to require my attention all at once. Thought it might help to have a … Continue reading

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Indie Publishing Q&A with K. L. Schwengel

Today, the lovely and talented K.L. Schwengel has graciously stopped by to talk about her indie publishing experience and share her book launch with us. The release date was February 4, 2013. I’m so thrilled for K.L.! 1)   Why did … Continue reading

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Book Review: A Killer Maize by Paige Shelton

In Paige Shelton’s 4th book in The Farmers’ Market Mystery series, A Killer Maize, jam-maker Becca Robbins heads to the Swayton County Fall Festival to sell her jams beside carnival rides and corn dog vendors. The fair has less than stellar … Continue reading

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Help Me Pick My Hook

We’ve reached that point. The dreaded point. I need to have a one line summary of my novel, The Six Train to Wisconsin, for my promotional materials and my newly-created Facebook Author Page. I despise one line summaries. How do I boil … Continue reading

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Amy Shojai Talks About Her Experiences with The Big 6 and A Smaller Press

As part of August McLaughlin’s book release party for her debut thriller, In Her Shadow, she had an awesome raffle where entrants won copies of books and the chance to interview the author. I am incredibly excited to have won … Continue reading

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