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How to Rock a Book Festival

  1) Work As A Team Person #1 needs to get in line for the panel/workshop. Person #2 needs to leave the workshop early to get in line for the signing. If you’ve got more people–great more division of work. 2) Divide and Conquer … Continue reading

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Barnes and Noble And Open Mic Night

Last Wednesday, I was part of Barnes and Noble’s Local Authors’ Night in Waterbury. I got to hang out with Elizabeth Barone, who I met last year at the NVCC writing conference. It was great seeing her again! We had … Continue reading

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Spring with Grandma H

  Last weekend, Mom and I took Grandma H to the cemetery to clear the leaves from her parents’ and sisters’ graves. Grandma H steps out of the car, looks around and says, “Everything is so dead here.” Mom and … Continue reading

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Local Event at Pat’s IGA Sold Out!

  Last Saturday’s event at our local grocery store was an unexpected delight! My friend Audra and my mom both helped out and it wouldn’t have been nearly as successful without them. Mom and Audra greeted people and sung my … Continue reading

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Please Help Me Brainstorm Book Titles

      It’s officially official. And I finally found someone with Publishers Marketplace access to send me the announcement that appeared there about Reckonings (which is being published under my pseudonym K.C. Tansley)! On to a cool bit of news, … Continue reading

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What To Do When Your Agent Quits Agenting

1) Do not panic.  It’s pointless. It’s counterproductive. And won’t help the situation.   2) Promise your emotions you’ll deal with them later, if they stay quiet right now. You have to focus on what’s going to happen next. This … Continue reading

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Author Interview: Talking the Darkness and Light series with K.L. Schwengel

   1. I loved your debut novel, First of Her Kind, can you share your one or two line hook for the book? Thank you, Kourtney, I’m glad you enjoyed it. A one or two line hook, huh? Man, those are … Continue reading

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Book Reviews: Emergence and An Abundance of Katherines

  Emergence, the second book in the Darkness and Light series, is a neck-tingling, tension-filled journey that I loved every second of. It picks up shortly after The First of Her Kind left off. The entire book kept me on … Continue reading

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