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Summer Hours

Summer hours. It’s something lots of companies do. Cut back on work time in the summer. I’ve noticed the blog traffic is trickling in. Ah, summertime. It’s good to disconnect more and get out in the world. So for June, … Continue reading

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In Memory Of…

Today being Memorial Day, I thought it was the right day to share this moment with Grandma H.   A couple weeks ago, I asked Grandma H, “If you could go back to any time in your life and relive … Continue reading

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Six Train Wins an Award and Reckonings Editorial Process is Underway

    The Six Train to Wisconsin won the National Indie Excellence Awards cross genre fiction category!!! Finaling in a a contest is a great achievement, but it’s really really cool to win one too. ******   On May 8th, … Continue reading

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Writing Process Blog Hop

  Fellow Blogger Kate Johnston invited me to participate in a blog hop about my writing process. Above is a lovely photo of her and below is her awesome bio. I wasn’t able to find a blog bud to hop … Continue reading

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A Little More Me Time

I am always working. Revising a manuscript. Creating a blog post. Reading blogs and commenting. Facebooking. Dreaming up a new event and organizing it. Drafting a workshop. Tracking sales. No matter what I get done, there is more in my queue to … Continue reading

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Summer Events for Six Train

  I’m taking a little breather from events in May to practice all my upcoming workshops and talks for this summer. And get some writing done. Then I will be back out on the road in June and July and … Continue reading

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Fantastic YA Reads: Daughter of Smoke and Bone and Harbinger

    It is rare that a book feels like a soul. A being that I’ve connected with. But great books are imbued with a soul. A tiny piece of their creator lives inside them.Daughter of Smoke and Bone tore … Continue reading

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Checking In on 2014 Goals

2014 Goals Q1 Check-In 1) Goal: Move more  Action Plan:  I will move for at least 45-80 minutes each day doing cardio, toning, or weights. I will get up from this laptop every hour for at least 5 minutes and move … Continue reading

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