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Working Hard for a Weekend

Right now my novel is like a cone around my head. It’s all I see. It’s all I can think about. It’s my entire world. But my best friend’s birthday is coming up in March. And I am going to … Continue reading

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The Need to be Alone

I am one of those people who can be completely content locked in my room for an entire weekend alone. I’ve always enjoyed observing and not interacting. I like getting lost inside my stories for hours and feeling like I … Continue reading

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Why My Ebooks Are Only Going to Be Available on Kindle

Last month, at the MWA-NY panel, my fellow panelist, S.W. Hubbard, was telling me how her ebooks were only available on Kindle and that she felt the decision resulted in more sales. As an indie author, she felt it was the … Continue reading

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How To Support Your Favorite Writers — Library Recommendations

I’m stuck in revisions. My book is pretty much a giant pile of silver poo right now. All part of the process, I know. So I thought I’d share a great post on how to support your favorite writers from … Continue reading

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The Rollercoaster of Revisions

It was a few weeks back, when I was in NY for the MWA-NY panel, that I sat down to lunch and read something that would help me through my editorial revisions over the past week and a half. It’s … Continue reading

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