TGWIG’s Sequel Gets a Title



My publisher has decided on the title for The Girl Who Ignored Ghost’s sequel! I’m so excited to announce it because it was one of my suggestions!

Drumroll please…

The title for the second book in The Unbelievables series will be:


I love this title because it is similar to book one’s title and also hints at Kat’s changing relationship with ghosts. When I get the back cover blurb and cover from my publisher this spring, I’ll be sharing those too!

This book will be out in October 2017!

Since January, I’ve been working on editorial revisions for this book. I am really loving where the story is going and am polishing things up to send off to my editor on March 18.

(In my next post, I’ll tell you how the picture inspired a scene in TGWSG.)


Most of you know, I’ve been dealing with an ongoing inner ear issue that has topsy-turvied my balance and my life.

I haven’t been reading blogs because scrolling makes me sick. I’m hoping I can do a little blog reading once I have the first rounds of edits turned in. I have to baby-step my way back to my normal level of tolerance.

In the same vein, reading a Kindle is hard for me. Before I got sick, I pre-ordered many author buddies’ books on Kindle and I haven’t been able to read them. I will. It’s a process of exposing and acclimating to the things that make my vertigo worse. So I am hoping I will be reading more on Kindle this summer and getting reviews up.


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6 Responses to TGWIG’s Sequel Gets a Title

  1. The title sounds like an attention grabber. Winner!
    (Can so identify with your reading issues.The Dec snow as slightly dyslexic, the moving dots tire my eyes. Rest up – we know you’re out there. Nice to see you pop up here when you can…could be nature’s way to tell you that thinking /working on book ideas mentally is more imp right now. Happy waves to your realm!)

    • Thanks! 🙂 I’m thrilled that I can work on the book and teach my classes standing up again. Those are big things I recovered. Thanks. I’m hoping when I finish this round of edits, I can do some scrolling and get back some of that ability next. Happy wave back!

  2. Just take it easy Kourtney, slow and steady to make a full recovery – but this is exciting news, something to look forward to when you’ll hopefully be back to your normal self.

  3. Carrie Rubin says:

    Congrats on the title. Hopefully your inner ear problem will be gone by the time the book comes out. Wouldn’t make for a very fun release date. 😦

    • Thanks. I really hope so. It’s been two months of physical therapy and it’s improved in many ways. But still lagging in others. I’m trying a new approach to marketing this year to pace myself–hoping it works well. 🙂

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