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When You Start to Spin

November has been a tough month. Mostly because when something is wrong, it’s my instinct to hide it. Ignore it and pretend it’s not happening. I’m incredibly good at rationalizing away whatever bad, scary thing is happening until it overwhelms … Continue reading

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Reblog: When Inspiration Has Fled the House–Writer’s Pause

Today, I thought I’d reblog something from 2010 back when I was fumbling with The Six Train to Wisconsin first draft. Working on the end of my third book this week, I swore this was the only book where I … Continue reading

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When Inspiration Has Fled the House-Writer’s Pause

This week, I’ve been plagued with nasty sinus headaches. The past two days my head has throbbed and throbbed. With no end in sight. Only when I sleep do I escape it. Not exactly the best situation to be drafting … Continue reading

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