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Hello Line Edits!

Hello, my amazing readers! I thought I’d start out with a little treat. Here’s a behind the scenes look at Six Train’s sequel in progress. It’s a screenshot of what the line edits from my editor look like for the … Continue reading

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Working Hard for a Weekend

Right now my novel is like a cone around my head. It’s all I see. It’s all I can think about. It’s my entire world. But my best friend’s birthday is coming up in March. And I am going to … Continue reading

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Revising: My Self-Esteem Tilt-A-Whirl

This is what each chapter looks like when I start the revision process. Eek. All I can see is what is wrong. What isn’t working. What was lazy writing. I berate myself. I debate whether I suck at writing. And … Continue reading

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MacSpeech Dictate Software or How I Wrote This Blog Post

Back in high school, I pulled some muscles in my neck and  shoulder. And I got these lovely things called muscle knots.  They are like marbles inside the muscles. When they go active, they mess with the nerves in my … Continue reading

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Revision Day

When you write “The End” it really is the beginning of the next phase with the manuscript. You aren’t saying goodbye. You’re saying hello to 3-4 months of revising. And as I wrote “The End” I knew the first 5 … Continue reading

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Goals and Deadlines

I am frequently accused of is putting too much pressure on myself. Valid. Though I tend to think of it as goal setting and planning. For example, I decided to use the Margie Lawson Deep Edits methodology to revise my … Continue reading

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Confessions on Reprioritizing my Writing

This is me. Intent upon decorating the tree. So focused on the tree I forget about anything else. Except making the tree gorgeous. Which is my way of explaining why the word count on my new book hasn’t been reported … Continue reading

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The Craft of Writing—Be Careful What You Hang on You Christmas Tree

I got some feedback from agents who requested the full and charity auctions where agents gave me feedback on the partial. Several mentioned needing to hone my craft more. Step one–how do I do that? I had no clue. I … Continue reading

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