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My Friend’s One Act Play: The Commitment Cure

Sometimes your friends do something so kick ass and so fearless you have to brag about it… This is one of those times. One of my oldest and dearest friends, Anthony Dvarskas, has a one act play, The Commitment Cure, … Continue reading

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The Precipice in the Present

It’s so much easier to see where you’ve been than where you are going. I can look back at my life and connect the dots. See what led to successes and misses. I can weave a beautiful tale of how … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Emmie Mears Talks About Barry Eisler’s Bottom Line

Today, the fabulous Emmie Mears is guest posting about a killer panel that I missed during the Writer’s Digest Conference. Because super nerd me lined up 50 minutes before Pitch Slam started. I’m a follower of her fantastic blog (which … Continue reading

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2011 Resolutions Update

Resolution #1: Lose 35 lbs in 2011 and keep it off. Status: Lost 22 lbs total and then gained half back by the end of the year. Overall, I lost and kept off 10 lbs. Resolution #2: Finish drafting my … Continue reading

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Update on New Year’s Resolutions

Bet you thought I forgot all about my pesky resolutions made 6 months ago. Well, I didn’t. Been working on them. Chiseling away at each one. So here’s the half year later update. 🙂 Resolution #1: Lose 35 lbs in … Continue reading

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Resolutions–An annual disaster

So it’s that time of year where we all make resolutions. Some small (clean the garage), others huge (lose 100 lbs). Most of the time, we don’t succeed. Not because making resolutions is a stupid exercise in futility. No. Because … Continue reading

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